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As an investor then where do you start and also who do you trust? Since 2008 Future Life Capital has developed a strong investment emphasis - we know what's good, what might be and certainly what isn't. We invest our time in researching the best opportunities for our Clients, with the idea of building wealth and making your future your look better. We spend a lot of this time talking to Fund Managers and their teams to find out things that cannot be found in the fund prospectus and fact sheets. For us it's about creating real value for the people that make our business what it is today and that's you.

Our approach is very analytical, we engaged with Morningstar some while ago and this provides us with more data that we could absorb in a lifetime. It underpins also our reporting strategy that keeps you in touch with how your portfolio is doing, for example it's relative performance versus the benchmark. The reports contain a collection of statistics, such as volatility measures, sharpe, beta, alpha ratios and we can also provide useful moat ratings, there is much more. We do not necessarily expect you to get too excited about these but we do explain them at review meetings; overall though what really matters is making money and building wealth – we really do like to show what we can do for you. Please also see our publication on 'adviser alpha' that explains more about you the value that we look to add to your investor experience.

There are plenty of column inches to read about investments such as why investing in equities proves generally in the long run to deliver best return, compared to other asset classes, such as fixed income, property and cash. We provide lots of data to back up our recommendations but how we invest your money is always with reference to your risk tolerance. In general terms and mindful of your attitude to risk, we believe in the broad principle of developing 'correct asset allocation'. A diversified portfolio should in normal circumstances protect you from market storms and we actively change asset allocations for many different reasons. For example, you may be nearer to retirement, we may respond to economic or political concerns and many other reasons prevail that lead to change.

In summary it's about results that matter and we look forward to advising you on your investments to create a new experience and take your financial well-being to the next level. Investing with Future Life Capital is a good place to be as we are as concerned about your future as you are.

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