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It may seem strange that for a business that talks investment that we actually place and transact mortgages. We always have and even for our wealthier clients they are often an important feature in advancing their lives. Until such time money grows on trees, finance will always be necessary.

There has been an amazing pace of change with lenders criteria.

You have probably heard stories of how many haircuts applicants have a year in terms of assessing affordability. Our experience is not quite that, but lenders are certainly asking more and more questions. In many cases they are going beyond the regulators requirements and it is therefore imperative that any mortgage adviser knows the lenders criteria back to front. It is common nowadays that affordability calculators are used, but that is overlaid with a maximum cap on income as a multiplier as a cross-check, it’s easy to get caught out. It’s therefore uncommon to make a couple of calls at least just to make sure we are on solid ground. Future Life Capital carry out a thorough analysis, taking the stress away from you.

One advantage we feel we offer is the insight into possible interest rate changes.

If you were to ask an out and out mortgage adviser for his view on capital markets, the views of the Central Banks and the meaning of investment data, you may not expect a confident answer. Because we are very active on investments and constantly checking market data, we feel we can give good guidance on whether you should fix your rate or adopt a prevailing market variable rate. Interest rates have now been on hold since March 2009 at 0.5%. However, did you know that from 1720 interest rates stayed at 5% for around 105 years! You see, the current position is hardly unprecedented.

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Your home may be at risk, if you do not keep up payments on a mortgage or other loan secured on it.
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