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Do I need a mortgage broker?

Comparing mortgages online is a good starting point–it's great to get an idea of what's out there! BUT choosing a mortgage is a process far more complex than simply opting for the lowest rate or the product with the best incentives.

Picking the best ‘deals’ online is meaningless if you don’t qualify for the loan and if you do not understand the product, absolutely, you could end up paying more than you initially anticipated.

A mortgage broker evaluates your circumstances wholly in order to recommend a suitable product and lender. It is that thorough, professional look at your finances that makes seeking advice worthwhile.

Nevertheless, after considerable reformation of the mortgage market, Banks and Building Societies are now obliged to interview all applicants personally; for direct to consumer circumstances. Often, you will have to wait several weeks and the interviews can be rather lengthy.


  • Provide Industry Expertise- Up to date knowledge of the current market and what lenders are available to each individual case will be readily known.
  • An Easier Journey- eliminate the stress by knowing you are making the right decisions and sit back whilst they do all of the hard work.
  • Small changes can make a big difference- e.g. Remortgaging and consolidating debt on a lower rate and decreasing your monthly commitments dramatically.
  • You’re protected- All advisors have a duty of care to every client they service under FCA regulation.
  • Qualifications- All mortgage advisors are qualified to work within the industry and have to complete set professional qualifications to do so.
  • They are on your side- and provide advice suited to you, they are not tied to any one lender/bank (whole of market)
  • It’s not just about the mortgage- They can provide advice on the bigger picture, perhaps you need to consider protection such as; Life Insurance or Critical Illness Cover.
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