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Since the introduction of the Retail Distribution Review we would like to think that the financial adviser sector has improved in the context of professionalism. Whilst we feel there is room for improvements across the industry we as an advisory practice adopt the highest standards, underpinned by education.

Future Life Capital, work closely with professional connections, such as Accountants and Solicitors. In the context of providing the widest and most valuable service to our Clients it helps to have a competent support service around us. Whilst we are knowledgeable and read avidly on subjects such as taxation and trusts there are boundaries that we do not cross, and we defer to the experts.

Conversely, both accountants and solicitors introduce new clients to us, recognising our skills and motivation to provide the very best client outcomes. Together therefore we can provide a comprehensive solution for our Clients that would otherwise be within the remit of only the largest of companies. What we like about all this is that we can closely match our Client needs to the skills of the professional adviser, such as an accountant or solicitor and very often on a local basis too.

Very often we have been asked by our professional connections to assist with their own financial needs, so they themselves have become long-standing clients of our business, which we think is a good endorsement.

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